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Hello, I'm Cali Bondad, a film & commercial director based in the West Coast. 

My name is pronounced “Kaylee”… it helps to think of kale in California. It has definitely been a character-building name. Just whatever you do, please don’t serenade me with LL Cool J’s old school hit “Going Back to Cali”, it brings back awkward memories. 

My love of filmmaking runs deep. Since youth, I've been pretending my life is one long and sometimes repetitive movie. I’m always observing the beauty, humanity, and humor in life with the quest to translate it onto film. When it comes down to it, the most memorable commercials, films and photographs are those that allure us with basic human truths and unique imagination. Whether I’m creating a spot for fashion, athletics, lifestyle, or a tech product, my aim is to imbue these compelling elements into the final piece. 

I’m thankful for my background as an editor in the advertising world. It’s given me the valuable and creative foundation to maintain a clear vision of what to capture when I’m directing. I always “shoot-to-edit”, making sure that I have the coverage and storyline needed to build a cohesive, beautiful film in the end.

When I'm not yelling through a megaphone and wearing a beret, I highly enjoy surfing, kickboxing, playing piano, writing short stories, running, learning skateboard tricks from my nephew, and trying not to break new bones.

I'm always the first person to notice a new haircut. And, I believe the best advice is to talk to strangers.

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