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Hello, I'm Cali Bondad, a Bay Area-based director and editor. My name is pronounced "Kaylee" - I know, it doesn't make much sense.

I've always been in love with filmmaking, so much that I've been pretending my life is one long, sometimes repetitive movie.

I'm always the first person to notice a new haircut.

I believe the best advice is to talk to strangers.

When I'm not telling people what to do or sitting at an edit computer, I highly enjoy surfing, kickboxing, playing piano, writing short stories, running, learning skateboard tricks from my nephew, and trying not to break new bones.

This has been written about my directing style:

Cali uses bright, bold imagery and inventive camera techniques to tell innovative stories. With a background in editing and photography, Cali yields an amazing sense of framing and rhythm in her directing. Her style is influenced by the likes of street photography and surrealism. She has worked with a diverse roster of brands such as Nike, YouTube, The North Face, Muscle Milk, Reddit, Ralph Lauren, Ben & Jerry's, and Nordstrom Rack.

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